When you have a metal device in your body 

https://youtu.be/slmilObZl28 Hip replacement surgery, which is very common in the U.S., is a treatment to replace a broken joint with an "artificial joint," which is a "device." The purpose of the surgery is not to cure the original disease, but to support body weight with a pain-free joint using the power of the device and … Continue reading When you have a metal device in your body 

GAs Stove Ban

Last week New York State became the first state in the U.S. to ban the use of natural gas (stoves, furnaces, boilers) in new buildings. The ban requires all-electric heating and cooking starting in 2026 for new buildings lower than seven stories, and for higher buildings by 2029. The ban is due to the nitrogen … Continue reading GAs Stove Ban

Stories you need to know

I would like to share a couple of videos that many people feel that they are unbelievable. A two-day conference on "Pandemic Strategies Lessons and Consequences’," which brought together prominent physicians, pathologists, and medical researchers from nine countries on January 21-22 2023, was held in Stockholm, Sweden. The purpose of the conference was to discuss lessons … Continue reading Stories you need to know

Have you tried Niacin?

We often talk about the need for vitamin B12, but do you know about the benefits of vitamin B3, niacin? A book called “Niacin: The Real Story," published in 2015, describes many of the wonderful benefits of niacin. In addition to this book, the use and effects of niacin have been described in over 7,000 published references … Continue reading Have you tried Niacin?

Scary Sweets

Antibiotics are effective against diseases caused by bacteria because they kill or inhibit the growth of the causative bacteria. Antibiotics have made it possible to treat a wide variety of infectious diseases. However, since 1980, the number of "antibiotic-resistant" bacteria that do not respond to conventional antimicrobial agents has increased worldwide, making it increasingly difficult to … Continue reading Scary Sweets


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t36HntCJf6Y&t=217s It is time to say goodbye to 2022. What was the highlight of the year for you?  Many of you may have reached a turning point in your lives: a new love, marriage, childbirth, a new job, a move, higher education, and so on. However, some of you may have had a painful experience … Continue reading Anecdotals

What kind of screening tests do you take?

The most common cancers diagnosed in men are prostate, lung, and colorectal cancers. Together, they account for 42% of all cases in men, with prostate cancer alone accounting for nearly 1 in 5 new cases. For women, the 3 most common cancers are breast, lung, and colorectal. Together, they account for one-half of all cases, with breast cancer alone accounting … Continue reading What kind of screening tests do you take?

pfizer admits COVID shots don’t stop the spread of the virus

click the photo to watch the video. Some of you have heard or read another obscured reality that Pfizer's Chief Executive admits the COVID shots were NEVER supposed to stop the spread of the virus. This is more than insane. So what is the point of shooting up the gene-modifying so called covid vaccine?  [it … Continue reading pfizer admits COVID shots don’t stop the spread of the virus

Don’t be fooled by pink

October is known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and there are many events all over the world conducted by groups ranging from breast cancer advocacy organizations to local community organizations to major retailers. According to Wikipedia, the purpose of Breast Cancer Awareness Month is to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for … Continue reading Don’t be fooled by pink