Why you want to give up meat?

Many of us are concerned about “Climate Change”, or “Global Warming”, right (I know there are some people who do not believe that)?  Are you contributing to reducing greenhouse gases? Things like using less energy, riding a bicycle as primary transportation method instead of a car or public transportation, or planting more trees in your … Continue reading Why you want to give up meat?

50 Bananas a Day?

Have you heard of “Freelee the Banana girl”?  She is an Australian YouTuber and blogger who promotes vegan/fruitarian diet. Her real name is Leanne Ratcliffe and her channel accumulated over 780 thousand subscribers and 330 million views. She follows a frugivorous/vegan diet, which usually consists of “mono meals”, made up of a single fruit, such as … Continue reading 50 Bananas a Day?

Mysterious Symptoms

Have you experienced or heard of someone who has experienced unexplainable menstruation irregularity, or sudden outbreak of bruises recently? I am talking about women who have are in menopause but have started having their period again, or who have started menopause so early, or the period gets really heavy, or even having dicidual cast (which … Continue reading Mysterious Symptoms

Are You Best Friends with Aspirin?

Have you ever experienced stomach pain after using pain medication? I stopped taking over the counter pain medication (I had bad period pain) when I became a health counselor.  We haven’t kept those pills around the house until recently when I was diagnosed with a meniscus tear in my knee. Before diagnoses, not knowing what … Continue reading Are You Best Friends with Aspirin?

What is the reason why you want to get Covid Vaccines?

This video was removed from YouTube, so please click the above photo to the other video site. I am very frightened hearing about people being vaccinated. I am so shocked! Because it is not FDA approved, it is just Emergency Use authorization. The FDA has an explanation of what Emergency Use means on its website.  … Continue reading What is the reason why you want to get Covid Vaccines?

Why You Are Suffering from Unknown Symptoms

Many people are aware of the danger of heavy metals, yet, they are everywhere.  Humans are exposed to heavy metals, such as mercury, aluminum, copper, cadmium, nickel, and lead in a variety of ways. Mercury can be found not only in your dental silver filling (amalgam), but also eye drops, nasal spray, and influenza vaccines. … Continue reading Why You Are Suffering from Unknown Symptoms

Are we ready to unite?

Now we have a new president. There are people who are very happy about it, but also there are other people who are very upset about it.  Clearly our nation has been divided and this is often amplified by the media. One side is often exaggerating other side’s action or comments instead of reporting what … Continue reading Are we ready to unite?

Cancer and Insulin

There are many books and news about diabetes, yet the number of people who struggle with diabetes has never dropped. Also, tremendous money has been invested into cancer research for many decades, but cancer still takes 2nd place as a leading cause of death in the United States. Many believe that those two diseases are not … Continue reading Cancer and Insulin

Who and What You Can Trust?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpMWDCX1yMI On October 29, the well-known journalist, Glenn Greenwald (who broke the Edward Snowden stories) announced that he had resigned from The Intercept, the digital outlet he co-founded in 2013, due to perceived censorship of an article regarding corruption allegations surrounding Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Wait! What? Censorship on his own publication?   There … Continue reading Who and What You Can Trust?

The price for convenience

I have been talking and warning about toxic chemicals in our everyday life that would lead to serious disease. Searching for convenience has its own side effect. Instant noodles and premade frozen meals are loaded with preservatives and unpronounceable chemicals. Faster data service, 5G has basically put you into a microwave.  Frappuccino cups to takeout … Continue reading The price for convenience