Individual Health Counseling Program:

50 minute One-on-One counseling sessions – We will talk about your health and lifestyle goals and plan out a personalized counseling program. Each session include a discussion of your progress, a specific health topic, recipes, food and primary food recommendations. You set the parameters and I give you support, all based on your personal preferences and needs. This program can be conducted either in person or by phone.

Kitchen Makeover:

I will come to your house (within public transportation availability) and sift through the cabinets and refrigerator. I will identify healthy and unhealthy foods by teaching you how to read labels, and potentially harmful ingredients. You will learn about healthier options of the foods you are
currently consuming. This is a great way to get a handle on an out of control pantry and make space for new exciting foods in your life! This program lasts approximately 60 to 90 minutes.

Health Food Store Tour:

Learning how to navigate the grocery (within public transportation availability) to make healthy, delicious choices! Learn all about picking produce, the wonderful world of vegetables, whole grains, dairy, the difference between organic and conventional, reading boxed and bagged food
labels and how to stock your pantry with essentials for a healthy home. Let me be your personal food shopper- you pick the store! Bring up to 3 friends. Shopping is encouraged. Tour lasts approximately 90 minutes

Customized workshops:

Is your office, school, church, gym, hospital, club or group interested in learning more about holistic health and preventative wellness?  I have programs on a variety of topics such as Sugar Blues and Healthy Eating on a Budget. Contact me and we can set up a seminar or workshop that targets your group’s specific concerns and goals.