You have to be in CHARGE!

I would like to share with you a story about a client of mine, “ Donna”, whom I was seeing for unrelated reasons. Donna is a woman in her mid 70’s and was diagnosed with breast cancer, and also learned at the same time that she carries the BRCA 2 gene. According to the National … Continue reading You have to be in CHARGE!


Cauliflower Dip

Cauliflower is a winter vegetable from November to March, but now you can purchase it all year. Although  cauliflower isn't so popular compare to broccoli (especially among kids), the veggie is super versatile. You can make pickles, rice, mashed potatoes, wings and even pizza crust with cauliflower.  So, this vegetable is becoming popular as a food … Continue reading Cauliflower Dip

Is your blood sugar at optimal?

Recently I watched Dr. David Dikeman’s presentation on, “how to avoid complications of type 1 diabetes”, and was really surprised to learn that a slight increase in your overall blood sugar level can have significant impact on your risk for developing cardiovascular disease, cancer, kidney disease, stroke, and pancreas beta cell, even among non-diabetic people.  … Continue reading Is your blood sugar at optimal?