Food Toxins


You may have heard of glyphosate. It is a broad-spectrum systemic herbicide and crop desiccant. It is used on essentially all annual and perennial plants including grasses, sedges, broad-leaved weeds and woody plants. It can be used on non-cropland and among a great variety of crops.  It was discovered to be an herbicide by Monsanto chemist John E. Franz in 1970. Monsanto brought it to market for agricultural use in 1974 under the trade name Roundup.

You may also be familiar with several lawsuits against Monsanto (now owned by Bayer), claiming that Roundup was a substantial factor in developing cancer as well as a lawsuit that Monsanto had failed to inform consumers of the possible carcinogenicity of Roundup.

On March 20, 2015 the World Health Organization’s cancer agency IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) declared that glyphosate is a probable human carcinogen. IARC reached its decision based on the view of 17 top cancer experts from 11 countries, who met to assess the carcinogenicity of 5 pesticides.

However, glyphosate is still on the market and found regularly even in food and water. 94 % of the soybeans and over 80% of the corn and cotton grown in the United States are glyphosate-tolerant GM crops. Glyphosate-tolerant GM crops represent more than 80% of the GM crops grown annually worldwide.

I believe every single one of you know someone (or you) who are/were diagnosed with cancer. The number of people who suffer from cancer has never declined despite the fact so much money has been funded for cancer cure research. I am sure there are a number of factors that contribute to the development of cancer, but glyphosate is classified as a carcinogen.   Why not avoid it?

Below are some of the glyphosate testing results. As you can see, the high amount of glyphosate is detected in Cheerios, Special K, Goldfish Crackers, Annie’s Gluten Free Cookies, and even Whole Foods 365 Organic Crackers. You can read the detailed Glyphosate Food Testing Report here. You should stop buying those products and avoid them as much as possible. Especially please don’t feed your child with these toxic foods.

If you are a gardener and growing fruits and vegetables in your backyard, you might want to test your soil even though you are not using Roundup. Pennsylvania-based Abraxis, Inc. has test kits that you can do at home.

Please be aware that all the toxins we know can cause all kinds of disease and unfortunately, we are exposed them all the time. Do not rely on what environmental agencies say. You need to protect by yourself.



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