Are you planning to have an MRI? 

Almost 2 years ago, in the beginning of September of 2020, I noticed a bump on my right eyelid. When I touched it, I could feel that there was some kind of cyst under the eyelid which could be moved. I went to see multiple ophthalmologists, and one of them asked me to take an … Continue reading Are you planning to have an MRI? 

You might get it from your great-grandmother

Have you noticed your eye or hair color, the feature of your hands or feet, your eye blows, lips or your nose resemble one of your grandparents?  My look mostly came from my dad, but my nose is more like my grandmother on my mom's side. So, your physical appearance and traits may come from your … Continue reading You might get it from your great-grandmother

The price for convenience

I have been talking and warning about toxic chemicals in our everyday life that would lead to serious disease. Searching for convenience has its own side effect. Instant noodles and premade frozen meals are loaded with preservatives and unpronounceable chemicals. Faster data service, 5G has basically put you into a microwave.  Frappuccino cups to takeout … Continue reading The price for convenience


Summer is almost over, but many of you like to jump in the water during those hot day. Unless you go to the beach, you may want to be careful with swimming pools. While we were on vacation in Mexico, my 5 years old daughter became toxicated with swimming pool chlorine water. She only swam … Continue reading Tox-Sick