Summer is almost over, but many of you like to jump in the water during those hot day. Unless you go to the beach, you may want to be careful with swimming pools. While we were on vacation in Mexico, my 5 years old daughter became toxicated with swimming pool chlorine water. She only swam in the swimming pool less than 45 minutes but was suffering from vomiting and headache an hour later. I didn’t swim in the swimming pool but my husband did and commented that he felt a bit of nausea too.
This was chlorine exposure but we are surrounded with so many chemicals. There is currently an estimated 79,788 artificial chemicals in the market today (2014). And this number keeps growing. We have personal care products, cosmetics, processed food, pesticides, air fresheners, hair care products, cleaning products and many other consumer goods that we use on a daily basis. They’re everywhere! We live in a world of chemicals. Some of them are fairly safe but many of them are really harmful which causes many health issues. However, for many cases there are no obvious symptoms or people don’t pay attention much if it is just minor skin irritation, light headache, itchy eyes, minor diarrhea, temporary sickness and so on. Then a few months or years later, you have some kind of chronic autoimmune disease, cancer, or neurological disorders.

There are many research documents about toxic chemicals in household products and food. However, still not many people are paying attention (I talked about chemicals in the baby’s womb). Recently, Susanne Somers, an actress and singer who wrote many books on health related issues, published a new book called “Tox-Sick”. According to her interview by Dr. Mercola who is one of the alternative health advocates, Susanne and her husband, Alan had a life-threatening experience from environmental toxins at her new home. This lead let her to investigate what was going on which lead her to learn about current toxic world with top 5 environmental doctors.

What kind of life-threatening experience did they have? Toxic black mold in their new house gradually deteriorated the health of Suzanne and Alan. Alan developed red, watery, crusty eyes and chronic sinus infections followed, along with facial tics, spasms, and grimacing. Suzanne started having bloated stomach and ended up in the hospital in anaphylactic shock. They were both healthy before they moved into the new home, but 4 years later, Alan was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, and Suzanne was diagnosed with cancer. This is all because of the toxic black mold. Alan was inhaling black mold through the air conditioning, then it settled into his cranium and sinuses. It also attacked his cerebellum and central nervous system—that’s what was causing the facial spams and grimacing. The bloated stomach that Suzanne was having was because the mold settled into her intestines, where it degraded her immune system and activated a dormant fungus called coccidioidomycosis, also known as “Valley Fever.”

Luckily Suzanne and Alan were able to identify the root cause of their symptoms, but how many people are suffering from chronic disease or obesity despite the fact they are eating healthy food and exercise often. They might have been diagnosed with the wrong diseases because their doctors’ lack of education and/or our patient unfriendly health care system (a doctor only spends less than 10 minutes…)

So please look around at what are you using and what are you consuming. If you have children, you need to pay more attention. Last year, Harvard school of public Health announced that environmental toxins are causing ADD, ADHD, and Autism (there are 10 major chemicals you need to avoid in the article).

Here is the quote from a book called [The Heart & Soul of Eft and Beyond]
“2004 study in a British medical journal estimated that perhaps 76 percent of most cancers are caused by environmental and lifestyle factors including exposure to chemicals. The Columbia University School of public health estimated that 96 percent of cancer is caused by diet and environmental toxicity. In addition to cancer, toxins have been linked to neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and attention deficit disorder, Hormonal imbalances, muscle and vision problems, fatigue, headaches, obesity and more. “

Some people react immediately to particular toxins (like my daughter). Suzanne shared her horrible story during the interview, “ I opened a book with a quote from a famous golfer. It was about he was playing golf and all of a sudden he couldn’t hold the ball, he didn’t have any strength in his hand, he didn’t have any strength in his arm, and he had to give up the game. His doctor said he had acute pesticide poisoning from the golf courses. One of the healthiest most beautiful sports that people can play is toxic.” However, many of those with strong constitutions and health bodies may think that this does not apply to them, not recognizing that the body is under stress. The body can adjust to the presence of toxins, so one can be completely unaware that there is a problem.

We are now under the greatest environmental assault in the history of humanity. The planet has changed so drastically in the last 50 years. You have to accept that we are living in a toxic world now. Everyone has the opportunity to start thinking about the fact that it’s up to each of us how we live our lives. Nobody’s going to care about you as much as you, and that no one will be. Suzanne gives great example on this, “If you had a Maserati, you would never put inferior fuel into your Maserati. If you had a Maserati, you would never wait until the car completely broke down before you took it to the mechanic. And yet that’s what most people do with their body. It’s a privilege to have good health. It’s a privilege to have a well-working, healthy body. “

So, start today to clean up your toxic world.

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