What I learned in Cuba


You already know that eating nutrient-dense foods in moderate amounts,  moving more, and adding daily physical activates are the key to your overall health and longevity. However, only a small number of people follow this lifestyle no matter how many articles and movies are released about it. Yet, people always look for miracle herbs, pills, nutritional supplements, essential oils, or any other quick fix type things. Don’t get me wrong.  I truly believe there are many fantastic herbs, nutritional supplements, essential oils, and any other natural/alternative treatments that help to heal. What I would like to emphasis here is the power of nutritious, whole foods.  Not many people have truly experienced this, and even I hadn’t  until I went to Cuba.

The trip to Cuba made me realize what real nutrition-dense food is. Cuba is a rare oasis of organic and sustainable agriculture. For reasons of politics, geography and philosophy, the nation was forced to abandon much of its large-scale, chemical-based farming and replace it with a network of smaller farms and more natural methods. With no fertilizer, pesticide, or herbicide, and no means to import substitute chemicals, sustainable agriculture was necessary for them to survive.

Modern farming turns fields into factories. Inorganic fertilizer adds nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous to the soil; pesticides kill anything that crawls; herbicides nuke anything green and unwanted—all to create an assembly line that spits out a single crop. With sustainable farming, nitrogen-fixing beans are grown instead of inorganic fertilizer [[[don’t understand this]]]]; flowers are used to attract beneficial insects to manage pests; weeds are crowded out with more intensive planting. It produces many crops simultaneously, instead of just one.

We didn’t know anything about Cuban’s agriculture background while we were there. We mostly ate eggs and Cuban coffee for breakfast, seafood for lunch, and meats and vegetables for dinner. We didn’t pick particularly “healthy” food, instead we selected something that sounds delicious. We didn’t cook at all even though there were many farmer’s markets because we don’t speak Spanish, and there was no time to cook. We were up at 6 am and out to the door by 7:30 am every day and mostly walked around everywhere all day. We get back to our nest around 11pm and slept like a baby every night. Our bowl movement was fantastic !, and we had so much energy every day. We didn’t stay at a beach resort.  We spent the majority of our time in air polluted Havana. Yes, resort vacation makes people relaxed and feel less stressful, but the energy we had in Cuba didn’t happen when we were in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Bahama, or Cancun.

So, I suspect that it had something to do with what we ate. Once back in the States I learned about Cuba’s sustainable agriculture and fresh meats, and was completely convinced about how powerful pure organic nutrition-dense foods are. I am sure you may know someone who grew up with pre-industrial farming in the country side.  Their lives are much healthier and more active than their biological age peers. I know a woman who lived until 100 years old and rode a bicycle on a hilly road until she was 98. She stopped riding it, not because she became incapable, but because the doctor was afraid that the old lady may hurt someone…

If you haven’t, you need to experience what the body gives. It is not complicated or difficult, and I am not suggesting any particular diet here. I am simply saying drop all the junks and processed food, and eat nutrition-dense organic whole foods.  My hope for you, dear reader, is that you too get your health back so that you can follow your passions and face life’s challenges with energy, strength, and peace of mind.

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