Bottle Cap

It is nothing special for Japanese people who live in Japan, but for me who live in United States more than 20 years and don’t go home as often as I want, this was a nice surprise. So I want to share…

We need to recycle and be sustainable as much as possible. Compare to Japan, US recycling system is very money/political oriented. There is no government regulated standard rules. NYC”s recycling policy changes based on who runs and how much money the government has.

So, when you try to recycle a bottle which has a plastic spout attached to it, you spend quite long time to remove the top. You may need a scissors, knife, or even pliers to take it out. Some of bottles are impossible to remove, so I give up on recycling those.

However, all Japanese bottles are 100% recyclable. Each bottle has a “easy to remove” top, so you just peel off! When my mother told me about this, I was so surprised and happy to find out how smart it is. Soy milk container, orange juice container or any other cardboard containers has a plastic spout. You might need to scissors to take it out or rip it off. When it comes to Japanese cardboard containers, yes it has special “easy-to-remove” top.  I don’t why the government and those manufactures don’t think about this simple eco-friendly approach???

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