Akiko’s Cookie

When you go to a heath food store, you can find many organic cookies. I found this organic cookie about a year ago at Green Grape Provision store in Brooklyn. The first impression was ” Oh, a Japanese is making this. It has very interesting ingredients”. So, I purchased and tried them. Then I became a fun of this cookie. However, I was not able to find the cookie at Provision any more.

Then last December, one of my best friends suggested that we should order dessert for our Christmas party from Akiko. I didn’t know my friend was talking about the Akiko who makes that cookie at that time. My friend got to know Akiko from “Chiyono” restaurant. Akiko makes fabulous Sweet potato ice cream for “Chiyono” restaurant. So, we ordered sweet potato cake and sweet potato ice cream. They were a real hit! Then Akiko and I got to know each other.

Now she created vegan cookie, called “Vegan Valentine” It has “aged rum” in it and cocoa base. It is a great gift for Valentaine’s day!

Akiko has 3 more different flavors, Kagoshima (Green tea and shochu), Enlightment (blood orange and black pepper), Aphrodite (chocolate, macademia nuts, cocoa and vanilla veans).

The great thing about her cookie is “Absolutely no additives and no preservatives. Each cookie is handmade to make you happy.”
She doesn’t have a website yet but you can go to her facebook page “akiko’s cookie” to place an order.  If you are planing to have a party, instead of buying a cake at wholefoods, order one from her. It might be a little bit pricey compared to WH, but you can trust her sweets and it tastes GOOD.

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