Japanese Salad – Asazuke

One of the great things about living with your mother is that she cooks 3 meals a day for you. Normally my mother stays with us for a month every year and cooks 3 meals a day if we don’t go out. She cooks really tasty food all the time, and I love her Asazuke. Asazuke is one of Japanese pickling methods characterized by its short preparation time, literaly means pickling in the morning. It is fast to make compare to Nukazuke.

Normally, salt, konbu, and chili pepper are used, and it only needs 15 to 30 minutes for pickling. It is very light, so you can eat as it is without rice. Of course, as a Japanese, I would love to eat Asazuke with rice, but you can eat as salad too. My husband thinks it is Japanese salad.

When I don’t have time to wait for 15 to 30 minutes, I use “Plum Vinegar” to cheat. I cut vegetables (normally,  I use daikon, cabbege, dangelion, cucumber, celantro ), add the vinegar and mix and rub them with hand. That’s it!  This vinegar is very salty, so don’t put too much. Use one or two tea spoon and taste it as you rub.

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