Binge eating? Overeating? Bulimia?

I had a really great interview with a special health coach, Shelly Ugyan. She is based in Vancouver, Canada and works on a patient who has problematic eating (not eating disorder – Shelly made it clear!). She believes that you can eat chips, ice cream, muffins if you want, but many people who have weight … Continue reading Binge eating? Overeating? Bulimia?

Lose Weight by Getting Toxins Out

I have seen evidence of Dr. Chen’s really powerful weight loss technique. Dr. Ching Chen is an osteopathic medical doctor who is trained in the “whole person” approach to medicine instead of just treating specific symptoms or illnesses. Dr. Chen explained where the toxins were by touching the model’s body. Any knots you feel are … Continue reading Lose Weight by Getting Toxins Out