Lose Weight by Getting Toxins Out

2013-02-04-energyaabdominalmassageI have seen evidence of Dr. Chen’s really powerful weight loss technique. Dr. Ching Chen is an osteopathic medical doctor who is trained in the “whole person” approach to medicine instead of just treating specific symptoms or illnesses. Dr. Chen explained where the toxins were by touching the model’s body. Any knots you feel are the spots Dr. Chen feels she needs to work on. As she checks the pressure points, she identifies the problems that the model has since the model expressed severe pain. Dr. Chen explained that those points are associated with some kidney and digestive issues which turned out that the model has been working on for a long time.  She pointed out 4 spots on the model’s right leg and one spot on her stomach where there is an appendix removal scar, then  Dr. Chen put acupuncture cups on these areas (According to Dr. Chen, any scars, even mosquito bites are the same as blockage, so scar area must be worked on). Dr. Chen also put needles on between tows with electric nerve stimulation. While the needles and acupuncture cups are on, Dr. Chen worked on the model’s stomach with Galvanic Spa, a handheld Galvanic Current device which took only 5 minutes.  After this treatment the pain the model expressed was reduced and/or eliminated, and the model was really impressed!   According to Dr. Chen, the pain was mostly associated with the toxins stays in the fat.

We were really surprised with the results but Dr. Chen was not… “Ok, let’s work on the other side with only Galvanic Spa! So you can treat yourself at home!”  Instead of using needles and acupuncture cups, Dr. Chen started massaging the spots using the Galvanic Spa and special gels on left side where she identified. There were 4 spots she worked on, and she only spent 5 minutes each.  After the treatment, the puffiness was gone and so was the pain the model had!  Then most surprisingly, the model lost a half inch on her both thighs and one inch from her waist!!!  Yes, it is not fat loss; she lost body water but also lost toxins from her body.  Once toxins are out from your body, it is easier to take in proper nutrients and activate the body’s healthy energy.


I strongly recommend that you work on releasing toxin in your body through not only detox diet but also some type of body treatment like Dr. Chen did (Lymphatic Drainage and/or acupressure treatment). The Galvanic Spa is totally amazing!  This device can provide the great results at home!

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