Who and What You Can Trust?

On October 29, the well-known journalist, Glenn Greenwald (who broke the Edward Snowden stories) announced that he had resigned from The Intercept, the digital outlet he co-founded in 2013, due to perceived censorship of an article regarding corruption allegations surrounding Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Wait! What? Censorship on his own publication?  

There are so many censorships on Biden-related articles lately.  A tweet from NY Post about Hunter Biden scandals was removed, and Twitter is STILL blocking the New York Post from their own Twitter account (Update! as of 10/30/2020 NYPost account is active). I have mentioned many censorships on natural/alternative treatments and vaccine safety, but this clearly obvious action taken by twitter is jaw dropping. 

An investigative reporter, Sharyl Attkisson says “fact checks and information curation by big tech companies are “dangerous” as they are part of broader efforts by special interest groups to control and censor information that people see.” So, the “Special Interest Groups” have the power to manipulate information on what we see, read, and hear. Although Trump and his campaign have been blocked, banned, or had posts removed from Twitter for “disinformation’ 65 times, never once have they censored Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden according to Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee at Senate Hearing. To be clear, I am NOT a Trump supporter, but if this is what the democratic party does to win the election, this action is as bad as what Trump does.  

Information manipulation isn’t just about this presidential campaign. Back in May when the public started to lose the trust as a health authority, the WHO (World Health Organization) contracted a big public relations firm, Hill + Knowlton to burnish its image in order to ensure that WHO’s advice and guidance is followed. According to documents filed with the Justice Department, WHO paid $135,000 to Hill and Knowlton to craft a public messaging strategy by identifying so-called “social influencers” who could covertly promote WHO’s advice and messaging on social media to help build trust in the organization’s coronavirus response.  

I am not sure you are aware who this PR giant, Hill + Knowlton is. The periodical, Current Affairs, says “Hill+Knowlton is one of the most blatantly malicious P.R. firms of the last century. In the 1930s, it helped steel manufacturers suppress worker dissent. In the 1950s, it helped tobacco companies cover up evidence that their products caused cancer. In the 1970s, it co-founded the “Asbestos Information Association” to convince the public that asbestos had no health risks. Today, Hill+Knowlton helps the energy consortium America’s Natural Gas Alliance in their quest to pretend that fracking is environmentally friendly. ” Did you know that? Also, the famous one is manufacturing false testimonies in support of the Gulf War. Hill+Knowlton hired a teenage Kuwaiti girl who is a daughter of Saud Al-Sabah, the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States to lie to Congress about Iraqi atrocities to manipulate public support for a Gulf War.  So, now you know Hill+Knowlton will (has been?) manipulate us using all kinds of tricks to believe the WHO is right.  

Back in August 2020, Columbia Journalism Review reveals how Gates Foundation controls news outlets and social media “fact checkers’ by spending millions of dollars to support mainstream journalism. According to the report, up to June 2020, Gates foundation had ploughed no less than 250 million to BBC, NBC, The Guardian, Medium, Financial Times, The Atlantic, and other major news outlets. So that’s why Gates has been in the media so much during this pandemic as some kind of expert on the matter even though he has no education or training in medicine or science.  

Now, you get it? You have no idea that the information you obtain from major media is the truth or just a script written by “Special Interest Groups”.  Even the “Fact-Check” sites might be run by particular groups.  So, when you read about Covid-19 vaccine from those major media, you need to question if this is true or not. You may have heard or read that as of Oct. 26, at least 59 people had died in South Korea, following the Asian nation’s rollout of an assertive influenza vaccination campaign, and the country had received more than 1,200 reports of adverse reactions. However, the authorities said that they had not found a link between the deaths and the flu shots, asking citizens to continue with vaccinations. There is no report of investigation why those people died either.  

As the election is coming up, I don’t think there is a bright future if either one wins.  But if we really want true democracy like Robert F Kennedy speaks about in the video above, our focus may not be on the Biden Vs. Trump election. Those wealthy giants who hide the truth and manipulate the public are the true enemy of us. If we don’t stand up against them, what is this mean for our next generation?  Let’s get back our rights!










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