Vitamin K Shot

If you are a mom or if you have a child, you may know that there are two shots a newborn baby gets, Vitamin K and Hepatitis B.  Vitamin K is scheduled to be injected into babies within an hour of birth and Hepatitis B is scheduled to be given within 12 hours of birth. Many of the vaccinations now mandated did not exist when I was a child especially in Japan (Vitamin K drops started in the late 1980’s in Japan). Vitamin K was not mandated because the number of babies who died from not getting Vitamin K at birth were too small to be recognized.  However, the money-making- driven pharmaceutical companies saw opportunities here. According to the Vitamin K manufacturer’s insert, the dose consists of Phytonadione, polyoxethylated fatty acid derivative, Dextrose, Water, Benzyl alcohol. It also warns that “Deaths have occurred after intravenous and intramuscular administration“, and that it does contain aluminum.

Without researching what exactly this shot consists of, many parents think the vitamin K shot is harmless. However, numerous adverse reactions have been reported. Surprisingly, some research [insert citation] suggests that peanut or tree nut allergy could be caused by the vitamin K shot because it is made with egg phospholipid and castor oil. Moreover, the vitamin K shot can also cause severe skin conditions, such as eczema. Eczema is a growing problem with newborns and it is an adverse reaction from administering the vitamin K shot at birth.

So, please research more about vitamin K and find out if anyone in your family has a nut allergy or eczema. The video above is of a mother who talks about the serious skin reaction that her son had after receiving the Vitamin K shot. It is devastating…



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