4 thoughts on “July Cooking Class Photos

  1. Looks, and was, absolutely delicious! This one of my favorite meals from Hideyo yet. The tomato suace pesto combination with the sauteed zuchini was simply mouth watering. Hideyo takes vegan-gluten free to a new level!

  2. Hi, Kaoru! How’s it going? I really do enjoy your posts and seeing all of the pictures from the cooking classes. You all should team up and create a book with all of these lovely recipes! I would be interested in simple vegan, gluten, and dairy free recipes and any other cooking or raw tips. E-books, monthly memberships, videos…so many possibilities! Much love to you, Rob, and Hannah. 🙂

  3. Yeah, I know the feeling. I get about 600 new items a day. A lot of the feeds I’m siengd up to are only on the off chance that I see something interesting.. I tend to know where the worthwhile news is so I seek it out and ignore the rest. I use Mark all as read a lot.

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