July Cooking Class Photos


Many people loved the dishes!!!

I personally loved the eggplant balls. They are so delicious!


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  1. Looks, and was, absolutely delicious! This one of my favorite meals from Hideyo yet. The tomato suace pesto combination with the sauteed zuchini was simply mouth watering. Hideyo takes vegan-gluten free to a new level!

  2. Hi, Kaoru! How’s it going? I really do enjoy your posts and seeing all of the pictures from the cooking classes. You all should team up and create a book with all of these lovely recipes! I would be interested in simple vegan, gluten, and dairy free recipes and any other cooking or raw tips. E-books, monthly memberships, videos…so many possibilities! Much love to you, Rob, and Hannah. 🙂

  3. Yeah, I know the feeling. I get about 600 new items a day. A lot of the feeds I’m siengd up to are only on the off chance that I see something interesting.. I tend to know where the worthwhile news is so I seek it out and ignore the rest. I use Mark all as read a lot.

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