Do you know what your anti-oxidant level is?

The company I am partnered with, Pharmanex, has a revolutionary device, called the Biophotonic scanner. The Biophotonic scanner measures the antioxidant status in your skin cells using a non-invasive Nobel prize-winning technology called Raman Spectroscopy. This measurement is called a Skin Carotenoid Test.  Further research concluded that the antioxidant status of skin cells was indicative of overall antioxidant status.  This scanner was recently featured on the Dr. OZ show for the subject of “Cancer Fighting Antioxidants”.

Dr Oz had everyone in the audience take the Skin Carotenoid Test, which takes about 90 seconds Carotenoids are a specific category of antioxidants most commonly found in fruits and vegetables.  The audience Carotenoid scores ranged from about 10,000 to 50,000+.  The low end of the range is noted as red, followed by orange, and the top two ranges being green then blue the highest.  Doctor Oz said that you want to be in the blue or green ranges, but unfortunately most of the people in his audience were in the red and orange ranges, which is where most of America is.  Almost 40% of the people in his audience were in the lowest category possible.  37.1% of people from his audience were in the second lowest category, which is still dangerously low.  Only 6% of Dr Oz’s audience were in the blue and green ranges.  This means that most people are getting only 2-3 servings of fruits and vegetables per day at best, rather than 5-9 servings recommended by the FDA.  Doctor Oz took the Carotenoid Skin Test and found his levels were 75,000 which is extremely impressive!

Also surprisingly, the show demonstrated that most of the general public who were interviewed don’t know what Antioxidants are. The name itself is seen everywhere you go, but do you really know what it is? Dr. William Li, a Cancer Prevention pioneer said that Antioxidants are laced naturally into food and they help to protect our DNA and healthy cells from the damage caused by Free Radicals. So that brings us to the next question – what are Free Radicals?  They alter or destroy cells. Cells that die, and cells that replicate in a damaged state are the cause or contribute to premature aging, sickness and disease such as cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, and many others. Where do free radicals come from? Actually, everywhere! Smoking, stress, sunlight, pesticides, pollution, airline travel, medications, food additives, X-rays, exercise, chlorine in treated water, mercury in seafood and teeth fillings and so on.

I highly recommend that you check your anti-oxidant level periodically, especially those where cancer has been experienced in their family. I have a Biophotonic Scanner, so please contact me for your Antioxidant checkup.

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