High Fever Remedy

When my daughter got a stomach flu in Hawaii, I picked Homeopathic pills for her fever (She had 104 degree), called Belladonna. However, I totally forgot that the pill form doesn’t work for babies. Babies don’t know if the pill should be swallowed or not. So, my daughter kept rejecting them. Because I am not supposed to touch the pills, I couldn’t push them into her mouth. So, when she got another high fever (104) last week, I decided to get a liquid form remedy. I went to Prelandra in Brooklyn Heights, which carries quite a lot of herbal medicines. They recommended “Children’s’ Fever Reliever” from King Bio. It is a homeopathic remedy and a spray type. It has no taste and color, so its easy for a baby to take. In fact, my baby was even having fun when I sprayed it into her mouth. She liked the sensation of wet air coming in. Then, her temperature went down within the next day, so I decided to share the experience with you. Of course, I highly recommend that you discuss your baby’s condition with your health care professionals.

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