I discover great mochimochi bread in Hawaii

I have to confess that even though I became a health counselor, I still love “Hawaiian Sweet Bread”. It is similar to brioche but softer and sweeter 😀 I wasn’t planning to have one, but I couldn’t resist when I was offered by a friend of mine at her house. “Hawaiian Sweet Bread” is not healthy at all. It uses white flour, white sugar, and many eggs. The one I ate was from “King’s” (local grocery store), so I am sure it is a lot worse …

However, I did find a healthy version of the soft and chewy (“mochi-mochi” – how Japanese describe chewy) bread at “Down to Earth” health food store. I was looking for some snacks for my daughter and saw fresh bread (still hot) on the shelf. There were two kinds from Anges’ Portuguese Bake Shop, ” McDougall Diet Multi-Grain Rolls” and “Whole Wheat Pita Bread”.  The roll has no egg, no milk, and no oils while the pita has no milk and no eggs. I am not so familiar with the Mcdougall diet, but he recommends no dairy and whole grain. I don ‘t know how they make it, but they are so soft and moist and very tasty without using milk, eggs and oils!  I highly recommend to try both of them. Apparently, this place is famous for “Malasadas – Portuguese donuts”.  Because it is located in Kailua, we didn’t  have a chance to visit. Instead, we went to Leonard’s for Malasadas. I highly recommend that you try one if you haven’t yet, even though it is not so healthy. Compared to regular donuts, Malasadas are very light adn airy, not doughy at all.

Leonards Malasada

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