Today I went to Kajitsu Restaurant for first time. My friend told me that they have Osechi this  month, so we book the table.

I’ve heard that they well prepare Japanese Shojin Ryori (Type of vegan cooking introduced into Japan together with Buddhism in the 6th century). I LOVE Shojin Ryori and can eat it everyday! In fact my mother once joked about it by saying that I should work for a Japanese temple (where traditionally makes Shojin Ryori for monks).

The menu started with “White Miso Soup with Grilled Mochi” which is Kyoto styled Ozoni. The mochi was the perfect texture and softness, and the soup was thick but not salty. It was my first time to try Kyoto style Ozoni, and I love it so much. Then it followed by Osechi box, Simmered Daikon Raddish with Red Miso, and so on (you can check their menu on their website).  Osechi box was really wonderful, but I wish I could have more…

The dessert was “Hanabira Mochi” which is a common New Year sweet in Kyoto, but for Tokyo born and raised me, it was first time. I love miso ann, sweet and salty taste.

We were talking that if we want to make those traditional Japanese cuisine everyday (not as fancy as tonight’s menu), we need to spend at least 5-6  hours in kitchen every day… It sounds like impossible, but our parents generation or older, they used to cook those meals everyday from scratch! Thank you Mom!

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