Cooking Class January, 5 2011

This is the first event in 2011. The topic for this gluten free cooking class was “Maintain good cholesterol level”. So, Hideyo added very tasty Spanish Mackerel (Kan Sawara) to the dishes. Other than Salmon, those Hikarimono ( fish with shimmering skin.  Literally translated, it means shiny things.) has high in Omega 3.  The group includes; mackerel, kohada (gizzard shad), aji (horse mackerel), sayori (halfbeak), sardine, and Spanish Mackerel. I know many people who don’t like Hikarimono because they think those fish are fishy. If you go to non-Japanese Sushi restaurant or prepared by non-skill chef, yes, you might taste them fishy. However, the fish is fresh and well-prepared, it will never taste fishy. My husband, who usually doesn’t eat Hikarimono (expect in good restaurant in NY and in Japan), loved this Hideyo’s dish.

Hideyo also demonstrated quick fiber dish, Kabocha and Carrot Kimpra, and soybean dish, Tofu Cheesecake! Fiber and soybean help reduce cholesterol in blood and liver.  The tofu cheesecake was great hit!

The menu (Gluten Free!)

Japanese New Y ear Brown Rice Congee

Cauliflower with Broccoli Pesto

Carrot and Kabocha Kimpira

Seared Spanish Mackerel and Red Radish Carpaccio

Tofu Cheesecake

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