Stories you need to know

I would like to share a couple of videos that many people feel that they are unbelievable.

A two-day conference on “Pandemic Strategies Lessons and Consequences’,” which brought together prominent physicians, pathologists, and medical researchers from nine countries on January 21-22 2023, was held in Stockholm, Sweden. The purpose of the conference was to discuss lessons learned and consequences based on the management of the covid pandemic from a wider perspective than the official one, and to open up other opinions that exist in the medical and research world. One of the speakers at the conference, Sasha Latypova, a former researcher at a pharmaceutical company, made a shocking presentation that has become a hot topic on social networking sites. Ms. Latypova reveals that the Pentagon used deceitful authorizations to shield the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory agencies and medical participants (vaccinators) from liability in delivering unregulated “vaccines”. 

Please watch the above video for finding out the truth. I think your anger will boil over!

The former Twitter executives are questioned by Rep. Nancy Mace whether US Govts. asked Twitter to censor Covid information. She is good!

Another Twitter files revealed that Pfizer Censored FDA COMMISSIONER speaking out covid-19 natural immunity.

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