Existence of virus

How they find virus

There seems to be a cold going around here in New York, and you all might think that you are infected with a cold virus and are experiencing all sorts of symptoms, don’t you?  But did you know that there are many scientists who argue that viruses do not exist? One of them is a well-known PhD who has been featured in media around the world. He is microbiologist Dr. Stephan Lanka. He announced on his website that in 2011 he was offering a 100,000 euro prize to anyone who provided a scientific paper proving the existence of the measles virus. What a crazy thing for other scientists to hear! and it caused a great sensation. What were the results?

Someone took up Dr. Lanka’s challenge. A German physician, David Barden provided six papers on the subject, and asked Dr. Lanka to transfer 100,000 euros to his bank account. However, Dr. Lanka did not comply, and the case went to trial. Then, in 2015, the Regional Court of Ravensburg in southern Germany ruled that the papers submitted by Dr. Baden met the criteria for Dr. Lanka’s offer and ordered him to pay. However, Dr. Lanka appealed this decision. On February 16, 2016, the Higher Regional Court of Stuttgart (OLG) reevaluated its initial ruling and ruled that none of the six papers submitted by Dr. Baden proved the existence of the virus, according to the testimony of a judicially appointed expert, and Dr. Lanka was not required to pay the prize money. Then, on January 16, 2017, the First Civil Senate of the German Federal Court of Justice (BGH) confirmed the decision of the OLG Stuttgart. This is why there is not a single study in the world that can prove the existence of measles virus.

The video above explains the method of identifying viruses, and the video blow demonstrates cynically in details.

Basically, most virological research follows this format:

  1. Secretions from a sick person are introduced into a cell culture, along with other toxic chemicals. When cells are found to be damaged (called “cytopathic effects”), virologists conclude that there must be a virus present.
  2. Genetic material is separated out from patient secretions and analyzed using a computer program. Sequences are trimmed, fitted together, and manipulated until they find one that matches a ‘known’ virus. They then proclaim this to be the virus’s genome.
  3. Electron microscopy is performed on cell culture fluid. When scientists observe small particles under the microscope they proclaim this to be the ‘virus’.

Dr. Lanka and other virus-denying scientists and doctors have observed cytopathic effects of cell starvation and the introduction of toxic chemicals such as antibiotics.  Computer programs can produce “viral” sequences without the presence of actual viruses, and particles visible under an electron microscope are the normal components of dead cells. To prove this, Dr. Lanka performed the same process without mucus samples from sick people and found the same result, a substance defined as a “virus”.

There is a video in three parts that shows that the existence of a virus cannot be proven.

What we have been told or what we have believed seems to be denied by science here. Are you open to finding out more about these claims? Or stay where you are?




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