pfizer admits COVID shots don’t stop the spread of the virus

click the photo to watch the video.

Some of you have heard or read another obscured reality that Pfizer’s Chief Executive admits the COVID shots were NEVER supposed to stop the spread of the virus. This is more than insane. So what is the point of shooting up the gene-modifying so called covid vaccine?  [it is because it still reduces severity of illness, hospitalizations and deaths].

The government, CDC, WHO, and all major media outlets were pushing us to get the shot because the more people that are vaccinated, would help “slow the spread”. Also, they created the narrative saying, “To protect your loved ones”.  So, after all, what was the Mandate for?  Who will compensate those who lost their job because of the mandate? Unvaxxed people were even compared to drunk drivers by schoolteachers and mainstream media outlets. Are they going to apologize to us?  

The CDC and other officials continue to move the original purpose of the shot and pretend like the shots were “never” about preventing SARS-CoV-2 infection – but “only” really about keeping you from getting really sick if you do end up getting infected. Yet, why are they encouraging kids to get booster shots?  There is no science, just Hoax.  

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