In Ukraine

So, you might have heard some stories of Russian immigrants and business whom have been discriminated against in the US because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24.  Do you feel sorry for them because of what you see on the news that Russians are killing Ukrainian people?

 However, there are many news reports from around the world offering different perspectives. Please watch the above video which shows that Ukrainian people who escaped attack from Azov (a far right Neo-Nazi Ukranian military battalion, purportedly funded by US-NATO) and were rescued by Russian soldiers.

Also, the video below shows a French journalist explaining that Ukrainians are killing their own people.

In the another video a war journalist is speaking out about what the truth is behind it.

  Don’t just follow the main stream narrative.  It is important to understand all perspectives and be open to the possibility of our own country’s bias. Otherwise you are just becoming a marionette.

Here is bonus video about how media is manipulating us. ↓

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