My body my choice

A lot of things have happened since the year has begun. England has lifted many of its pandemic restrictions including mandatory facemasks in enclosed places and vaccine passports that were previously required to enter nightclubs and large events. The Danish government announced that “COVID-19 should no longer be categorized as a socially critical disease after 31 January 2022” and will be lifting virtually all of the restrictions it put in place to prevent the spread of the disease. Almost all corona virus restrictions in Ireland will end, including domestic COVID-19 Certificates, curfews, social distancing, and capacity limits.

Even though France, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands have also lifted some of their restrictions, they still require proof of vaccination to do many of activities such as dining at a restaurant, attending movies, concerts, theater, or even shopping and riding public transportation.  

Clearly, the vaccines have failed to curtail the spread of infection after seeing the surge of so called “Omicron” variance spread the world. Also, the CDC published a study showing protection from prior infection, or so-called natural immunity, was better than the protection from COVID-19 vaccines against the Delta variant. Moreover, there are 146 research studies affirm that naturally acquired immunity is equal to or more robust and superior to existing vaccines. However, we are still facing mandates. 

Dr. Peter McCullough, an internist, cardiologist, and epidemiologis said in an interview last week, “All the vaccines are still investigational and in research. Mandates had no ethical or moral or legal standing from that perspective. No one can be forced into research against their will or be coerced into it.”  

Yes, I believe no one can interfere with my body and my health. My rights to choose what to eat and what to take cannot, should not be taken away. So we stand for freedom!   Watch the video of the Defeat the Mandates event, which took place on Sunday, January 23rd in Washington DC.  

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