Great Reset

I am really disappointed again with NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio. On December 6, he announced that starting Dec. 27, NYC’s vaccine mandate will expand to all private-sector workers, and in-door dinning and in-door activities requires proof of vaccine from 5 years old and up starting Dec 14. How evil his orders are! All private employers in New York City must require evidence of COVID-19 inoculation from all workers and have documentation ready for city inspection. Anyone aged 12 and up must now show proof of full vaccination to eat indoors at New York City restaurants or enter other indoor venues, like movie theaters, gyms or arenas while kids aged 5 to 11 only need to show proof of one vaccine dose. This is not Hawaii or Florida, it is too cold to hang out outside even for 5 years old in NYC during winter!  

The most scary thing is that there are people who believe that de Blasio’s order is a good choice to protect the public. Political leaders (or anyone who controls people in this planet) are confirming how easily and willingly the populace will give up its civil rights in the face of a health crisis. Authoritarian-minded politicians (or someone controlling politicians) know that if they can place an initiative as a response to a public health crisis, they won’t need to worry about the individual rights of citizens when implementing it.  

Wake up people!!! Do you want to live in a communist country? As this pandemic is meticulously planned, world-wide communism will arrive soon, the Great Reset. 

A platform with 200 detailed levels is provided by the World Economic Forum led by Klaus Schwab, a technocrat and promoter of transhumanism. There’s no risk of being accused of entertaining conspiracy theories here as the World Economic Forum (WEF) does indeed have a five-point plan to enhance sustainable economic growth following the global recession caused by the COVID-19 lockdowns. the Great Reset advocates for global socialist policies such as wealth tax and sweeping green initiatives aimed to curtail free markets in the name of climate change. The “COVID-19” pandemic is to be used to implement a global monetary reset and digital currency, technocracy and totalitarian government worldwide under the guise of socialism and environmentalism, with China as the model, and enslave humanity through a sinister vaccine conspiracy

Like I said, this is no deeply hidden conspiracy or secret. It is all laid out on the World Economic Forum website in plain text. The above video tells you how we are disguised by those power hunger people. Also, please check out the promotional video of the Great Reset below. “You will owe nothing, and you will be happy”.  If you still have a clear mind set, this means that you will lose everything in order to live a normal life. Are you willing to fight? or will you obey whatever the government says?  

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