Enough is enough

Covid-19 Vaccine mandates are getting so political and are more about power than public safety. Governments are mandating vaccination to those who already have immunity from the actual virus, even though there is clear clinical research to prove that natural immunity is stronger than vaccine one. 

Despite the fact that risk of severe illness or death in healthy children from Covid-19 is almost Nil, the FDA Panel endorsed Pfizer shots for 5- to 11-Year-Olds.

Without mandates or lockdowns, Covid-19 cases in Florida have decreased 90 percent since August, and now the state has the lowest rate of new Covid-19 cases in the nation on a per capita basis according to CDC data, but CA, NY and several others are still pushing hard.  

CNN reported that less than 1 % of fully vaccinated people experienced a breakthrough infection, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation analysis of CDC data.. However, nine members of MLB’s New York Yankees who are vaccinated have tested positive for Covid, and the Milwaukee Brewers had nine players test positive for COVID-19. How many people do you know who had breakthrough cases? I am sure that it is not 1%, it might be around 5 to 10 %.

Health professionals are leaving their jobs in hospitals due to vaccine mandates. Most of these professionals have seen enough patients who are injured by Covid vaccine and have decided they do not wan the shot. Why are those health professionals whom have been working so hard to help others being eliminated? 

This is not a pro-vaccine or an anit-vaccine issue. This is a CHOICE issue. Please wake up people, this is our right to say NO.  If you think these mandates are crossing a line, then join WORLDWIDE WALKOUTS on November 3rd. It is a call for a global shutdown to stop business as usual, protesting these unlawful mandates and to celebrate human rights.  Check out worldwidewalkout.org for detail.

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