Mysterious Symptoms

Have you experienced or heard of someone who has experienced unexplainable menstruation irregularity, or sudden outbreak of bruises recently? I am talking about women who have are in menopause but have started having their period again, or who have started menopause so early, or the period gets really heavy, or even having dicidual cast (which is when your uterine lining comes out all in one piece.). There is actual reporting on social media from those who have had Covid vaccine and from those who haven’t had the vaccine but are surrounded by vaccinated people. Please watch this video above from Dr. CHRISTINE NOTHRUP, a board-certified OB/GYN physician, and NYT best-selling author. I was not able to paste the video here because of YouTube censorship, so click the image to be directed to the video website.  Here is the link of all related videos about mysterious symptoms on those non-vaccinated people.  This is a really scary truth. Do you still believe in what major media says? Don’t be a victim, educate yourself.  

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