Are we ready for a new vaccine?

corona vaccineOn May 20, David Marcus, a New York Correspondent for the Federalist, posted an article “End New York City’s lockdown now!” on the New York Post website which brought in a flood of attention from many New Yorkers.

Many people feel that we had enough!

As I shared the video of Dr. Dan Erickson, a physician, who co-owns 6 urgent care clinics in Bakersfield, CA made a clear statement that shelter-in-place is absolutely unnecessary based on his own medical statistics. His data indicates a widespread infection similar to the flu. He claims that there are more people becoming depressed and suicidal, people who need medical for heart disease, diabetes, that don’t want to visit a hospital, which creates more danger to them.  Moreover, the unemployment rate is skyrocketed while rich people become richer… I believe this is very very unfair situation.  Just as an example, Jeff Bassos, CEO and founder of Amazon, net worth has increased by 17 billion dollars since the start of the pandemic.

Bill Gates, whose net worth has also dramatically increased during the Covid-19 pandemic, somehow has become a spokesperson on how our nation should deal with this virus. Gates has appeared on so many media outlets and warned the nation “Things Won’t Get Back To Normal Until We Have Gotten A Vaccine Out To The Entire World!”

So, many pharmaceutical companies have been on the race to make vaccines for Covid-19. Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told the House Oversight and Reform Committee that the vaccine for Covid-19 will take 12 to 18 months. Do you think this is normal?  Developing a safe, effective vaccine against a new pathogen typically takes years, if not decades. According to a 2013 paper by researchers at the University of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, the average vaccine development timeline is 10.71 years. Meanwhile, researchers have been working on an HIV vaccine for close to 40 years.

If you go to the NYS Health department site, it says, “The creation of a vaccine involves scientists and medical experts from around the world, and it usually requires 10 to 15 years of research before the vaccine is made available to the general public.” The fastest vaccine ever created was for the mumps, which took 4 years. Even Paul Offit, a Professor of Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, who created the rotavirus vaccine says it is too fast. It took him 26 years to develop and license the rotavirus vaccine.

Here is the  process of vaccine development

Vaccine Process_KK

(Created based on history of vaccines)

Vaccine Process_GSK

(From GlaxoSmithKline)

So why is 12-18 month a reasonable time to make a SAFE and EFFECTIVE vaccine?

Like what Dr. Paul Offit worries, manufacturers may cut certain corners, like not doing animal model testing or not doing extensive phase one or phase two testing to verify safety and efficacy. Robert F Kennedy Jr., a vaccine safety activist, commented about his concern for the Covid-19 vaccine on the talk show, Loni’s Table Talk.  Moderna, a company currently developing mRNA vaccines, reported preliminary results from a phase 1 clinical trial, but vaccine experts say Moderna didn’t produce the data critical to assessing the Covid-19 vaccine. The report said that 8 out of 45 subjects showed antibodies, but no mention of the rest of the 37 participants. Moreover, there is no age disclosure of those brave trial volunteers. 3 of the subjects had severe but not life-threatening (so far) side effect (FDA classification of Grade 3). I just want to remind you that Moderna is partnered with the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) – Dr. Anthony Fauci is a director – and funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Also I need to mention that Moderna’s stock went up 30% when the report was released.

A critical issue the University of Oxford is facing while developing a safe and effective vaccine is that there aren’t enough infected people out there for the study to yield results of clinical trial. If the volunteers aren’t exposed to the virus, whether they get the vaccine or the placebo, there won’t be enough data for the study, and the vaccine could be delayed. Many companies on the race will face this challenge. If a company claims completion of a phase 3 clinical trial that involves more than 10,000 people, you need to question how they could complete in this low infection environment.

Also, please ask yourself if we really need a vaccine for Covid-19. A preliminary German study shows a COVID-19 infection fatality rate of about 0.4 percent.  The Economist reported that the coronavirus mortality rate could be as low as 0.1 percent, “similar to that of flu.” Just a couple of days ago, NPR aired that antibody tests point to lower death rate for the coronavirus than first thought. Also, the death count in the US wouldn’t be accurate because of the CDC’s new guidelines. Even gun shot deaths were counted as Covid-19 death. So, the fatality rate is low and the virus is not as dangerous as WHO, CDC, and other agencies warned us originally, then why are Fauci and Gates pushing to distribute a vaccine??? You should be aware that the manufacturing, distribution and all other process of vaccine cost are mostly coming from our tax dollars (also Gates Foundation!). AND that vaccine manufacturers have no liability from any side effect even from a death, unlike with a pharmaceutical drug.

As many infected people have recovered and many of us may have had the virus without any symptoms, as long as we maintain a healthy body, we can beat this virus. I believe that a true government should discuss about healthy living seriously if they are truthfully concern about public health instead of rushing into producing of another unsafe vaccine.


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