Season’s Greetings

Happy HolidaysFor the next week or two, all the media will be talking about what happened in 2012. You will read, see and hear the sad and tragic incidents as well as all the happy and joyful moments of 2012. We are looking back to review what happened in the world. So I think itss a good time to review your own year. If you are creating a New Year’s resolution without reviewing the previous year past, you could open yourself up to falling short.  It is not easy for me to face the facts about what I have achieved and what I haven’t. However, I feel like I really need to so that I don’t repeat the same mistakes next year.

Maybe you can ask these questions to yourself to review your year 2012. (from Sid Savara)

Question #1: What obstacles have you overcome, and what have you accomplished? For your personal development, it’s not just about what you’ve done, it’s also important to consider how you got there.

Question #2: What did you learn, and how have you changed?

We often are aware of the big changes, or sudden lessons we learn from major life experiences – but think back to the small interactions you’ve had, and the small changes and tweaks you’ve made in your life based on the little lessons you’ve learned over time. I think it’s easy to discount these little lessons, but in the long run it’s all those little experiences that make you who you are – and give you the wisdom to make well informed judgments and decisions in the future.

Questions #3: How satisfied are you?

After reviewing the lists you’ve put together, consider how satisfied you are. Since we’ve got some concrete items for you to reflect on this year, now is the time where you can rate yourself from a 1-10, or whatever it is you like.

Question #4: What’s missing, and what’s next?

We’ve considered what you’ve overcome, accomplished, learned and how you you’ve changed – and with that we can now plan to go forward.

I hope now you can see what you want to and/or need to do next year.  Between now and a new year is the best time to think about this topic. Enjoy the holiday and re-charge yourself for another exciting year.

May peace and joy be yours during this wonderful season and the coming New Year

Thank you for your continuous support!


Kaoru Kashima

Holistic Health Counselor

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