Why do I need medication?

Here is a shocking story I would like to share with you. A good friend of mine was trying to find a psychologist to have some therapy sessions with. He called every single doctor in his insurance’s network to setup an appointment but couldn’t get one. Do you know why? Every single doctor’s office he called asked him if he is willing take a medication. He is calling PSYCHOLOGISTS, not PSYCHIATRISTS! Psychologists don’t write prescriptions but somehow they work with psychiatrists. My friend isn’t interested in taking medication so he said “NO”. The doctor’s office response was either, “Ok, our next available appointment is sometime about a year and half from now” or “Sorry, we don’t take a patient who doesn’t take medication.” CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT??? Psychologists are not medically trained and not allowed to prescribe medications (except New Mexico and Louisiana – Hopefully will never happen in NY or anywhere on the East Coast!). According to PsychCentral website, “By switching to a heavily prescription-based practice, a psychologist will be able to nearly double their salary”. Can you imagine any other field where you can double your salary with an additional 2 years’ worth of training?” So, it is all about money… Even though there is NO quantitative evidence that medication works (it doesn’t show in your blood test or Xray!), those psychologists want to give medication because it is quick and makes more money. How sad it is!!!  I wonder why they decided to become psychologists in the first place…

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