Happy New Year 2012!

Here comes 2012! It is the year of the Dragon. The dragon usually clutches a pearl symbolic of its super-natural powers.  Invariably accompanied by thunder and rain, dragons move like lightning and whirlwinds – – all powerful yet totally unpredictable. You may hear and/or read unfavorable news around the world; however, there are still many things uplifting, improving, and prospering. So, don’t pay attention to negative and/or unhappy events, circumstances, and situations. “Happiness is a Choice” and “Happiness is within you” You can feel the happiness in a minute if you want to. You can be in happy state as long as you want to. It is You who is controlling your life. So, why don’t you use the Dragon’s super-natural powers to shift your mind and body to a healthy state. I am here to work with you not only for you but also for myself.

Thank you for a great year of 2011, and I am happily looking forward to the process of growing with you in 2012.

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