365 Brand




Some of you may have seen this shocking news clip about Wholefoods’ own brand, 365 Organic.  It actually aired two years ago, but it seems nothing has changed. The 365 Organic brand is certified but many of the products are actually made and packaged in China. Their legitimacy of their organic designation has been called in to question, as there has been no verification of their organic certification process…

I do recommend “Organic” products and produce over conventional ones, but please don’t be fooled by the certification mark, especially processed food. Here’s why:

‘Organic’ beer has non-organic hops.

‘Organic’ baby food has synthetic fatty acids.

‘Organic’ milk can come from factory-like feed lots without grass.

The law required annual testing for pesticides, but USDA hasn’t enforced the requirement.

The National Organic Standards Board has approved 245 non-organic substances for inclusion in “organic” labeled food

‘Organic’ mock duck has synthetic additives to make it stringy.

So, always look at the labels to find where they are made and if there are any suspicious ingredients. Also, don’t buy “Big” brand name products like Kellogg, Kraft, Coca-Cola, Dean, and Dole. Buy local products and small brands.

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