Japanese Grocery Store

I am so disappointed with food sold at Japanese grocery store like “Sunrise Mart”, “Jas Mart”, or “Mitsuwa”. Nothing wrong with the stores, just the food like, rice crackers, pickles, condiments, dried fish, and so forth. Many of them are loaded with MSG! I went to Sunrise Mart today to buy some Osechi (Traditional Japanese New  Year food) but only could buy a few cooked beans ( I know this is loaded with sugar…). The rest of items such as Kobumaki, Datemaki, Tazukuri contain MSG. What is wrong with my people??? Why we are so addicted to MSG? I’ve heard that many of young Japanese are on anti-depressant and believe this is related to large consumption of MSG.

Of course, there are non-MSG products in Japan, but it is heard to get those in US. I was hoping the new Sunrise Mart in midtown would carry more “Organic” products, though they didn’t have many…


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