Binge eating? Overeating? Bulimia?


I had a really great interview with a special health coach, Shelly Ugyan. She is based in Vancouver, Canada and works on a patient who has problematic eating (not eating disorder – Shelly made it clear!). She believes that you can eat chips, ice cream, muffins if you want, but many people who have weight issues can’t stop eating these kinds of foods. Your mind is somewhere else while you are eating them, then your demon starts talking to you “You started eating, why not finish the whole bag of chips, a box of ice cream, or all of the muffins”. Shelly herself had been through serious unhealthy eating habits, binge eating, overeating, and bulimia for 20 years but has recovered from it completely. So, she knows how unconscious mind controls how you eat.

Most people know what to eat to be healthy and keep a normal weight; however, some people are unable to maintain it. I shared Harv Ecker’s video about how simple it is to become successful and he talks about eating right as well. Those people who cannot keep up with their intention have some psychological issues. I do have some patients who would like to lose weight and know what to eat, but they sabotage themselves on the way to reach their goals. So, I believe that Shelly’s 12 weeks program (Skype)which lays out a step-by –step mind transformation, can help get you back on the track of eating healthy and achieving your ideal weight.

The 12 week program began in August, but you can join the next one. Shelly also offers one-on-one sessions as well.
Check out her website and take action!

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